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Birth Name: Steven James Zahn Place of Birth: Marshall, Minnesota Date of Birth: November 13, 1967 Ethnicity: *German, Swedish (father) *German (mother) Steve Zahn is an American actor and comedian. Steve’s paternal grandmother was Ruby Harriet Helen Lundberg (the daughter of Gustav Edward Lundberg and Minnie Larson). Steve’s maternal grandmother was Helen Viola Senholz (the daughter of ?

Milla will be playing Steve Zahn’s (Sahara, Saving Silverman, Daddy Day Care) newlywed wife in A Perfect Getaway.In a phone conversation from New York Wednesday, Zahn said he still can't quite get over how the wizardry of computer artists added layers onto his motion capture performance to create a living, breathing simian; yet without losing the essence of the emotions he provided just beneath the surface."It’s a crazy experience when you first see yourself as an ape," Zahn recalled of the first time saw footage of Bad Ape. And despite his desire to keep to himself, Bad Ape proves to be a valuable ally to Caesar (Andy Serkis) as he and a small band of apes seek the location of a bloodthirsty military colonel (Woody Harrelson) who is hell-bent on eradicating his enemies before Earth becomes a planet of apes."My view of Bad Ape when I read for Matt was that I didn't think of him as this comedic character -- I told him that I thought of him as a tragic character, " Zahn said in a phone conversation from New York Wednesday." -- to a turn opposite Eddie Murphy in the smash comedy "Daddy Day Care" and more recently, a memorable recurring guest turn on TV's "Modern Family."Yet for all the comedy Zahn has done, he's had a fine share of serious film roles, too, including the adventure drama "Rescue Dawn" alongside Christian Bale and "Dallas Buyers Club" opposite his "Sahara" co-star Matthew Mc Conaughey.All told, Zahn's ability to stretch himself across the character spectrum has come to serve him well, and was no doubt a factor in his casting him in the pivotal role as Bad Ape in writer-director Matt Reeves' new sci-fi thriller "War for the Planet of the Apes," which opens in theaters nationwide Friday. It's hard to explain."Bad Ape is a highly-evolved, former zoo chimpanzee who managed to survive an intensifying conflict between humans and apes as the simians continue to evolve as a species while the human population struggles to survive.

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