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Simply it was a desire from the gossips to make news from something that is a lie.

Ricky Martin has opened up about how being a father to his twin boys meant he had to shift his priorities.

The singer has previously talked about how he approached addressing his sexuality with his children.

While appearing on KISS FM’s flagship breakfast radio program The Kyle and Jackie O show last Friday morning, Jackie O, one half of the duo known infamously for pushing the boundaries with guests and fans of the show, suggested Lambert should date The Voice Australia judge Ricky Martin, simply because they were both single and gay.

Once you've adequately admired their cuteness, look through Maluma's hottest (mostly shirtless) Instagrams.

Ever since Ricky Martin announced his six-year relationship with Carlos González Abella had come to an end, fans and media outlets all over the world have been constantly trying to figure out who the Latino superstar is dating nowadays, or if he is looking to have a long-term relationship in the near future.

“This wedding is going to be Middle Eastern and Latin crazy all at once. The 44-year-old says he is very certain about his relationship with Yosef because everything feels “beautiful and magical”.It’s flowing beautifully," he said in the interview.Martin says he is "fine" with being single because he meets "very handsome men", although he was quick to add that having two children has meant he can't bring them back to his house.“It’s one of those things when you have very beautiful moments, magical moments, magical conversations and beautiful experiences and all this time, you’re thinking, maybe it’s here. As well as planning his wedding, Martin, who has eight-year-old sons Matteo and Valentino, is preparing for his Las Vegas residency.“Then you just go for it and allow yourself to feel… The singer says he has been offered a concert series in the city in the past but the timing wasn’t right, but he is ready now and thinks it is something he “has to experience”.

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