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For seven years Nancy Beavan, an archaeologist who specialises in carbon dating, has been looking for an answer, painstakingly piecing together clues left by the enigmatic people at 10 sites dotted across the area in southwestern Cambodia.Tests show some of the bone fragments are six centuries old, according to the New Zealander. This was a practice that was not observed in any other part of Cambodia," she said.In general, only the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a web site, can be stored in a cookie.

Why the bones were placed in jars on a cliff some 100 metres (320 feet) high in the Cardamom Mountains, or indeed whose remains they are, has long puzzled experts.

The paper also argues that this protest is more explicit when it is through the voice of mothers. Male characters probably could not as easily reveal their weakness or their resistance to the values that feudal society wanted them to follow.

These playwrights seem to be arguing against the proverb, which in full states, “Parent-child relations last but one lifetime. In most of the plays using this kind of expression, the separated parent and child are reunited in a happy ending.

The reunion in some cases is the result of the parent's travel in search of the child while in some it is due to the miraculous aid from deities.

The playwrights may have wanted to propagandize faith in the deities mentioned in those plays.

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Tep Sokha, an expert in Cambodian ceramics, said the jars are of the "highest ceramic quality" and the number indicates that "this was a sacred and widely practiced ritual." If villagers living near the cliff were aware of the jars, they have stayed away, allowing foreigners to study the relics at their leisure.

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