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If I was not drinking or I was not dating who they wanted me too, I was looked at in a negative way.

You have a lot of power here and I can’t wait to see how you use it—do you set Rose and Whitney up with a girl who is going to be the next love of their life? You know I always put high value on creativity.” We do know, as we’ve the very creative way she balances lots of cute lady loves, a job, and dread maintenance. She says, “The perfect date would be an outdoor concert, dinner, and then maybe going somewhere and painting our bodies and making art on a canvas. “I wonder about body painting at The Dinah, and am pretty sure that I might’ve seen a vat of chocolate sauce outside of a hotel room once.

Love it or hate it, Showtime’s The Real L Word is back on Thursday night at 10 p.m. And we must admit, just like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or vibrators, it’s our guilty pleasure.

puchase cytotec The promo pic for Season 3 (which features Whitney in a dress [) this Behind the Scenes Trailer from Showtime: Speaking of The Real L Word, Romi (who dated Whitney briefly in Season 1 and Kelsey in Season 2) is no longer batting for our team, and is in a relationship with singer/songerwriter/producer Dusty Ray (Ladies, do you watch The Real L Word? And what do you think of the fact that Romi’s now dating a guy?

I remember feeling so nervous about attending Dinah Shore this year because I knew it would be a drunken free-for-all and some of my cast members would use it as a chance to play "mean girls." This past year I have really excluded myself from Whitney, Sara and a lot of my friends. Many of the girls took that as me thinking I am better than everyone else, but in reality it was me just figuring out some things about myself and spending some time alone.

I realized my friendships with a lot of my friends were based on superficial reasons and they were actually not adding anything good to my life.

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For those who haven't heard the exciting news, we have teamed up with Club Skirts The Dinah and Mariah Hanson to host an exclusive “Win A Date at The Dinah” contest with two of the most controversial cast members of Showtime’s —Whitney Mixter and Rose Garcia. I’m excited to see who comes out for the contest and see how creative people can get.”If Whitney were judging, she’d put a lot of value on creativity.

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