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However the women dont seem to take themselves, their jobs nor the situation seriously, so how are we, as the audience, supposed to take them seriously?At one point the narrator even joked about how it was funny that her mother called the strippers she had met such lovely girls.Q&A blocks and small discussion panels are dedicated to answering as many posing related questions as possible – by the models and also Dan himself. That’s pretty interactive, insightful and most exclusive! If you do not receive the verification message within a few minutes of signing up, please check your Spam or Junk folder. Visit us and sign in to update your profile, receive the latest news and keep up to date with mobile alerts.Click here to return to the page you were visiting.Jeffrey Deitch has had his Instagram account disabled and all evidence as to why points to a post calling for women to DM him nudes for a project he is doing with Urs Fischer and Georg Herold during Art Basel Miami Beach.

, in collaboration with six women, downtown dancers and performers (including World Famous *BOB * and Lady Rizo), and featuring the choreography of Faye Driscoll and Morgan Gould, certainly fits into her mold.

It seems being a Hispanic woman comes with one of the best stereotypes ever—being extremely hot.

Well, this is certainly the case with Abella Anderson, a Cuban hottie who brings the whole package with a fun, eager attitude included. Continue reading → - 08/31/12 Is it seriously possible for a body to be as perfectly sculpted as Rachel Starr’s?

And, of the things that kept coming up, one of the most immediately relevant issues was the notion of gender fluidity, and fluidity of identity -- that is, whatever identity you chose is not dictated by your sexual organs.

Because, we, a lot of times, unconsciously believe, in certain ways, that that's how people behave -- because of their bodies.

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How can you properly say you are fighting for a cause that you are ashamed of?

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