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So when I had my first appt, I should have been around 7 weeks as well, but I was really only like 5 according to the u/s.At first she said my EDD would be July 25, but now it's in the first week in August.I thought 20 was good since it was between the 5 and 50 I saw in many of the charts I looked at. So I took that test around 13 dpo and it was positive. But my doctor did tell me with my first draw at 18 it wasn't viable but I don't see how he could come to that conclusion with just one draw?! Ive been tracking for over a year trying to make my rainbow baby. I ovulated around day 21 or 23, so this was about 17 dpo.A second nurse called me back to schedule the second set of blood work and she told me it may just be because my ovulation was so late. My levels at 11dpo were 48 and my nurse said the same. Got my blood drawn the same day and it came back at 18. I had more after that I just can't remember the numbers. I do know with this pregnancy my hcg was 200 which is a big difference from 18. Well 3 days later at 21dpo it went to 540 and then 2 days later 1240 and 2 days later 2500. Once it hits 1200 it stops doubling and increases more at a 60-80% rate. My positive showed up immediately :) I have my first appointment on Tuesday & am estimating that I'll be hitting 6 weeks at that point.The average woman keeps to this schedule, wavering a few days in either direction. Based on my calculations (the first day of your LMP) I scheduled my first OB appointment for what I thought was my 8th week of pregnancy.My husband and I planned to keep our “little secret” a secret until we had confirmation via our first ultrasound (doctors generally do not offer blood tests anymore, so the at home test is usually the only indicator until your first ultrasound).

Started bleeding about 30 minutes ago...never heard back from the doctor's office today.Well it popped up positive and I took two more that night and two more Monday morning, all positive. :) fx sticky baby I also ovulate late and had a very similar experience, sadly didn't end well.I had bloodwork done Yesterday (Wednesday) and a nurse (not my normal nurse) called today to tell me my HCG was low at 20. " And she hesitated and told me yes, but not to get my hopes up and they needed to retest to see if my numbers double. I took a test guessing I ovulated around day 19 although I was pretty convinced I never ovulated. At my first prenatal visit they always go by your LMP, which was Oct 31.I have an ultrasound scheduled this Friday which would put me at 7 weeks and 2 days.

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