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We are a Dating site with the most beautiful girls and guys.The members are looking for dating, romance, friendship, love, and more. When it is not exactly about race but about ethnicity and culture, what does it mean? ” As if our appearance when we are born is our destiny, down to the language we speak. So do I wish I were born looking more stereotypically Puerto Rican? However, I like being the Stealth bomber of the Latino world. IN my heart and in my head I have always thought of myself as Puerto Rican, Born in Queens, NY to a Puerto Rican mom and a dad from Aruba and a bilingual home, lived in Puerto Rico for a number of years…but I’ve always looked like a white girl: sadly straight hips, no ass to speak of (at least in the way we think of ass in the Caribbean) light-skinned, green eyes, light brown hair that’s neither curly nor straight…oh! My black friends would urge me to just pass, cause it’s easier, but when you have “la musiquita por dentro”(the music inside), can you? I would have made a career out of my mom’s insanely thick, curly, long dark hair.

==== Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Hernandez on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

After Mars moved to Los Angeles at 17, there were various misfires—a contract with Motown, a spell with’s management—and a few years in the wilderness. He parodies the kind of response he would get: “Your last name’s Hernandez, maybe you should do this Latin music, this Spanish music…. Eventually he sidestepped the issue by adopting the name Mars, perhaps figuring that the best way to avoid being stereotyped by race is to sound as though you come from a different planet altogether.

Mars adopted the name “Bruno” because he says that was his nickname growing up.

It was during this conflict that Puerto Rican nurses were allowed to participate as members of the WAACs.

The members of Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry Regiment distinguished themselves in combat during the Korean War and were honored with the Congressional Gold Medal.

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