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His early exposure to theatre, particularly in London, led him to Seattle's Cornish Institute.

By asking yourself the following questions, of course: 1. I know this one seems like a no-brainer, but you have to start somewhere. Even if your first answer is “yes,” you can’t be sure what kind of mummy you’ve got. All right, so your boyfriend’s Egyptian, but you’re not sure he’s a mummy.

Fraser had signed up for a film about William Tell, but he ended up in a legal dispute with the filmmakers over production delays.

He also dropped out of a television pilot for a series over creative differences in 2012.

It’s cute and fluffy and Brendan Fraser is adorable in his little suspenders. The blogger is a dirty liar, and you kids had better get off her lawn.) So the Tom Cruise Mummy looks like it’s basically a lady Mummy because take that, sexism, apparently! These things are hard to narrow down, which is why there are ten questions.

And Really Old Tom Cruise running around with Girl Young Enough To REALLY Be His Granddaughter who is probably the love interest because that’s just how Hollywood rolls. This week’s guide discusses the possibility that the being you are dating could be, in fact, an Egyptian mummy. Some Egyptian mummies who have been raised from the dead can control zombie hordes. So if your boyfriend can control zombie hordes, he could be an Egyptian mummy. (That, and if there’s ten questions, then I can’t make this a top ten list.) 5.

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He expresses a preference for playing "fish out of water" men. and hooked up his cuticle pusher with a MONSTER tip! READ MORE Lance Bass, Brendan Fraser, Chris Cornell, Alice Cooper and Billy Ray Cyrus all showed up to the same benefit in L. on Sunday, sportin' some seriously misguided follicularly-challenged looks.…

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