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Although the excessively happy ending is too pat to fit in with the wry tone of the rest of the book, the absorbing train of events and amusing dialogue make this a lark of a read.(Apr.) Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.But thanks to The Jim Henson Company’s special brand of magical genius, that’s all about to change!Now that Big Bird’s finger will be so much longer, he’ll be able to point at more kids from pretty much any distance.All she has to do is leave her relationship, horrify her family, find an anonymous father, and become independently wealthy.Only one thing stands in her way, however: a viable sperm source.

On the other hand, Big Bird is looking like a better candidate for fatherhood every day: he's tall, affectionate, and steadily employed. After all, he's a big yellow Sesame Street character — and she's an intelligent single woman with a fabulous job.Those, who enjoyed Bridget Jones’ Diary will equally enjoy Laura Zigman’s “Dating Big Bird” a comedy about a women’s wish to bear a child of her own.Settle for partners who'd make good fathers but less than satisfying husbands?Zigman's funny, conversational style draws the reader into Ellen's quest.

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It looks like this is going to be a great new era for the Sesame Street universe!

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