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They had seen the first few episodes of China." Not so fast.

They are going to say "Well yeah of course the fans knew who Amanda was.

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Plus, the amount of injuries and/or quitting takes away from my enjoyment of the thing, because things could have gone very differently had Jonathan not been evacuated, or if Chet's foot was doing just well enough that he stuck around to blindside Ozzy, etc.

Where they aren't staring at the bottom of a Colorbond fence all day? A few weeks ago I mentioned on Survivor Sucks that I was thinking of putting an entry like this on the Funny 115. In episode one of Fans vs Favorites there's a great scene at the start of the episode where the Fans learn they are going to be playing against a bunch of returning Survivor players. Hey look, Eliza knew somebody in the casting department! Pretty much the most popular Survivor ever at that point? Oh and by the way, I know the argument people who hate this entry are going to use. Hey look, here's a girl from the season that just aired who you people have never seen before! And then you stupidly throw her right at the end after Yau Man?

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